Our Mission...

Our mission is to help save lives and reduce pain and suffering in some of the poorest island nations in the Pacific region by providing urgently needed medicines, medical supplies and services, clean water technology, communications equipment and emergency transportation.

The Greatest Need

Kiribati is one of the world's most isolated and poorest nations of the world. It is named by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the most medically needy countries on earth. The island's 100,000 people have few natural resources, and urgently needs our help. P.I.M.A. provides those resources with your help.

The Greatest Reward

Become part of this worthy humanitarian effort by donating directly to Pacific Islands Medical Aid, Inc. Where 100% of your dollars go directly to the projects you designate.

Medical Aid

A modest donation goes a long way to help those in the islands who are suffering. We are able to purchase urgently needed supplies at a fraction of their retail price, helping to stretch our donation dollars even more.

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Planes and small boats must be used to reach some of the most remote of Kiribati's islands, where government supply ships seldom call.

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PIMA has installed high frequency radio systems which now enable nurses on outer islands in Kiribati to speak with a doctor on the main island.

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